About Coorg Jungle Camp

It invites you to travel into a forest area  from Kushalnagar  town and surprise after surprise in the most delightful style when you reach coorg jungle camp resort. Lose yourself in an expansive space on the back of river side  which sits within a vibrant back water  range.


Go wow with wide angle “Back water River ”views from every room.

 With cheerfully chriping birds heralding crisp mornings in front of back water. Folds of green canopy and a swimming pool  which make sunrise even more uplifting. Nature trails, leisure walks and gentle climbs which spring surprises around every twist and turn. Here it’s fun to drive yourself round the bend just to see yet another vibrant view .Can say that you are front of water - water and just water by seeing a Dam in front of you .


The best ever river side resort in Coorg you can say in terms of river side with 365 days of water view from the resort .

Sleep under sky and count stars, Splash water and pay with it, walk into forest, measure the depth of green humps and dumps, fall and arise in the midst of thick forest and finally your holidays gets over so fast , you didn't expect it happens so fast !

Coorg Jungle Camp  can adapt itself for your special event, a family do, a kitty party or that business break.


Welcome to Scotland of India and Coorg Jungle Camp, located at the splendid beauty of Harangi Back water surrounded by dense forest and coffee plantations, Coorg Jungle Camp is an excellent place merged within the greenary at Herur near Kushalnagar of Kodagu (Coorg) district.

Route Guide : Bangalore > Mysore > Kushalnagar >Herur> Coorg Jungle Camp.